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Is your current home in need of a renovation? Are you the new owner of a new home? Are you moving your company to new premises? Let Voortman Schilderwerken draw up a plan together with you to get all your interior and exterior walls as sleek as possible. Piecework is something Voortman Schilderwerken has been known for for 9 years.

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Types of stucco

Different types of stucco are possible, such as smooth plaster (which is the most chosen) or a structured finish such as spachtelputz or plaster spraying. All types of stucco can be applied manually or with a plaster sprayer. The advantages of mechanical stucco is that it is slightly faster than applying it by hand.

Making the decision that you opt for stucco is step 1, but deciding which stucco best fits your home is of course a bit more difficult. We will of course provide you with expert advice!

Most common choice

Smooth stucco

The most chosen finish of the moment. This finish for walls and ceilings gives your home an expensive and chic look. The finishing layer over the smooth stucco consists of latex wall and ceiling paint. This can be rolled or sprayed with an airless paint sprayer in the colors of your choice. The layer thickness of smooth plasterwork can vary from 1 mm thickness to 10 cm thickness depending on how curved the walls and ceilings are.

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Piece and decorative plaster

Plasterer is available to make walls and ceilings nice and flat. Plastering is the plastering of surfaces with a layer of plaster mortar, usually with a thickness between one and six millimeters. The ceiling pieces or plastering of walls is necessary to be able to sauce, wallpaper or spray with the airless sprayer (latex spraying).

But also in

plaster spraying

Spack spraying is one of the cheaper finishes. Spack is applied with a plaster sprayer that applies the material to the walls and ceilings at a high speed. This application is and must be over a flat surface. The grain of spack can vary between 1 mm and 2.5 mm thickness.

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Wood rot repair

Glue and glass

Stair renovation